For smaller shipments or loads and small businesses that have a frequent need of transporting their goods from one location to the other. May it be shipping their product or receiving it from another location, we can handle it all.

Our 5 Ton trucks have the ability to hold 12 pallets (40 x 48 inches) on the floor and 24 double stacked. All our 5Ton trucks are equipped with power tailgates.

We provide coast to coast coverage within Canada, and between Canada and all major markets in the United States. Our regular service links every major city, from Canada.

Our local Cartage service transports the customer's goods from one location to another, usually within the same region. Which means that deliveries are typically within close proximity to where we pick up freight. All you have to do is provide us with information on the origin and destination, and we'll take care of the rest along with a superior fleet of trucks and highly skilled drivers, we have a fantastic team of dispatches.